Current & Past Affiliations


Dr Michael A. Kinchington PhD (sports medicine) is a Director of the Centre For Podiatric Medicine, a leading Australian facility in the area of podiatry, footwear biomechanics and sports injury.

Is an innovative insole-footwear organisation formed in 2007 with technology to improve the comfort and function of shoes by providing a range of insoles, orthotics and lifestyle footwear. The product range creates solutions for organisations such as industry and sporting teams, medical-allied health professionals who deal with lower limb injuries and the general consumer who needs shoes they wear to be comfortable.



Shoe Buddy

Shoe BuddyTM is the first running shoe app to provide independent running shoe information, compiled by a leading podiatric sports medicine specialist. Shoe BuddyTM is intended for those who want independent, easy to comprehend consumer advice. Take the hassle out of shopping for shoes. Forget biased information from shoe salespeople and websites that purport to be independent. Use Shoe Buddy TM and be confident you know your foot type and your best shoe options before you walk in the store.

Groin pain is a complicated topic that requires a multi-faceted approach. Dr Michael Kinchington (PhD) has an interest in lower extremity biomechanics as a cause of groin pain and rehabilitation of groin injury by gait stabilisation. He has teamed with Dr John Garvey a world leader in Groin Injury. For further information contact the Groin Pain Clinic +61 2 9004 1060

We are pleased to recommend the Athletes Foot (Sydney CBD, store) who provide a valuable fitting service for all athletic shoes. Michael Elliot and his team are committed to providing absolute customer service.