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Dr Michael Kinchington PhD has developed the innovative footwear app Shoe Buddy TM The App provides current information on a range of running shoes and allows you to scan your foot, enabling Shoe Buddy TM to determine the correct shoe for you based upon your weight bearing foot shape. Visit the i-tunes store now to download Shoe Buddy TM.


Shoe BuddyTM is your nirvana of running shoe information, compiled in an easy to use, innovative App.  Shoe BuddyTM is the first of its kind, providing state of the art features:

  1. For the first time, this innovative Shoe App technology enables you to use “Scan My Footprint” technology. This standout technology will interpret your foot shape and then recommend the category of shoe which is best suited to you.
  2. You will have access to a complete library of shoes; providing up to date pictures, shoe weights, suitability and an easy to understand snapshot of shoe technical data.
  3. Shoe BuddyTM uses the innovative “My Shoe Mileage Calendar” which reminds you when to replace your shoes using the weight/mileage calculator. This is linked to a reminder function on your calendar.

  4. Use the in-app GPS function to track your mileage and fitness improvement.

  5. Shoe BuddyTM is the first running shoe app to provide independent running shoe information, compiled by a leading podiatric sports medicine specialist. Shoe BuddyTM is intended for those who want independent, easy to comprehend consumer advice. Take the hassle out of shopping for shoes. Forget biased information from shoe salespeople and websites that purport to be independent. Use Shoe Buddy TM and be confident you know your foot type and your best shoe options before you walk in the store